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Save Your Marriage: Buy This Dummy-Proof Bed

Cheaper than couples therapy!

Save Your Marriage: Buy This Dummy-Proof Bed

I don’t have statistics on this, but I’m fairly confident that putting together a bed with your significant other is the quickest path to divorce this side of infidelity.

So here’s some welcome news: The German distributor Magazin stocks a stylish bed frame that can be assembled in a snap, no tools (therefore no arguments) needed.

Gurtbett ("Strap Bed") comes with a 10-piece plywood frame and four high-strength ratchet straps. Run the straps through cutouts in the frame, like you’re lacing up a pair shoes, and the bed springs to life. Estimated assembly time: just a few minutes.

Unfortunately, Gurtbett isn’t available in the United States. But if you live in Europe, you can buy it for 690 Euros (about $900). That’s an awfully good deal for a bed. Especially one that could save your marriage.

[Images courtesy of Magazin; h/t SwissMiss]