Darth Vader And Jar Jar Binks Try On Spring’s Hottest Fashions

When you go back to watch classic science fiction movies, one of the weirdest things is the way that the fashion fails to age. In the glare of hindsight, costumes that seemed futuristic are revealed to be very much of their time. The fashion world moves on, leaving the past of the future behind it. Let’s face it, many of the Star Wars costumes look a little dated. Illustrator John Woo‘s playful He Wears It series embraces the forces of fashion, putting the Star Wars cast in contemporary brands.

“My wife and I were talking about how some of our friends look like Star Wars characters,” he says. This led to a reflection on the stability of the outfits of the characters in the movies: “Darth Vader always wears black.” Woo says he imagined a world where the characters got out of their ruts. “It should be a dressing revolution for Star Wars; Darth Vader has to take off his old-fashioned calculator, Jar Jar Binks has to take off his bell-bottom pants.”

The illustration series pairs characters with Woo’s favorite brands, carefully selected to match the look and personality of the different characters. He says the hardest to design for was Jar Jar: “I had to totally change his image and still had to match his face and body.” If you are more of a Star Wars nerd than a fashion nerd, it’s a mini-education to look up each of the brands that Woo picked.

You can see more He Wears It prints (including some non-Star-Wars characters) on Woo’s Etsy store. Keep an eye out for the AT-AT pilot.TM