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The Anti-Apple PC: HP Creates Pop-Open Computer For Tinkerers

The all-in-one workstation snaps opens, so users can perform upgrades themselves.

The Anti-Apple PC: HP Creates Pop-Open Computer For Tinkerers

Like most in the publishing industry, I’m an Apple chauvinist who wouldn’t trade her Mac for anything else besides another, fancier version of a Mac. But if I were a so-called power user, I might consider HP’s forthcoming Z1, an all-in-one workstation that–and here’s the awesome part–snaps open for easy hardware tweaks.

Expected to ship in April, the Z1 offers a 27-inch (diagonal) screen, a quad-core Intel Xeon processor (the only all-in-one to do so), NVIDIA Quadro graphics, as well as a choice of 160 GB or 300 GB of storage. The most impressive feature, however, is the ability to pop the hood and swap out parts: Users can add a hard drive, upgrade the memory, or access the graphics card–all without tools.

So all you computer-geek DIYers, knock yourselves out and feel free to think of me taking my place in line at the Genius Bar.

The Z1 starts at $1,899. More info here.

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