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Dude, Seriously: They Invented A One-Handed Beer Bottle Opener

Kebo is the quickest and easiest way to crack open a cold one.

Dude, Seriously: They Invented A One-Handed Beer Bottle Opener

Sure, it’s kind of cool to pop the top off of a bottle of beer with a lighter, or a car key, or even the side of a tabletop like some kind of modern-day MacGyver, but those hacks can fail spectacularly (more often than not in mixed company, accompanied by profound huffing and cursing). Kebo will not only have you casually sipping suds in no time flat, but you can actually eat a hamburger with one hand while using this nifty new tool with the other. And you only really need an available thumb to make it work. (Granted, two hands to help when affixing the thing.)

Designer Rush Dixon of Rush3 Studio developed the concept from a rusted, 1930s-era opener he found, then added some clever touches that give the stainless steel gadget more functionality and a slick new profile.

Kebo—a play on "bottle key"—not only opens your brew but also keeps the cap flat, rather than bending it backward like most other methods. That means you can stick it back on again if you can’t manage to drink your entire 12 ounces (or 40, depending on what kind of party you’re at) in a single sitting. It’s magnetized as well, so the cap won’t drop to the floor once it’s freed from its glass companion. And though it just debuted, Kebo has already made its mark at the International Home + Housewares show, where it took home an Innovation Award. We’ll drink to that.

Buy Kebo for $24.95 here.

[Images courtesy of Rush Dixon]