• 03.22.12

The Week That Was: “Argue. Discuss. Argue. Discuss.”

Continuum’s Daniel Sobol argues for arguing your way to creative success, disgruntled Googlers rethink Gmail, and we learn that beer saved the world. It’s our top stories of the week.

The Week That Was: “Argue. Discuss. Argue. Discuss.”

Innovation Is About Arguing, Not Brainstorming. Here’s How To Argue Productively. “Argue. Discuss. Argue. Discuss.”–Continuum’s Daniel Sobol


Disgruntled Ex-Googlers Rethink The Way Gmail Works, With Email is more like Twitter or IM. Fluent tries to capture that.

Uh-Oh: Science Says Creativity And Dishonesty Go Hand In Hand. “No matter what your industry, when creativity is important, you should be aware that you might be the most at risk of crossing ethical boundaries.”–Harvard University researcher Francesca Gino

UI Genius: CityMaps Uses Brand Logos To Make Maps More Useable. “Just a glance at the map and you can get a feel for all the small, medium, and big businesses in your city without ever needing to make a specific search query.”–CityMaps cofounder Elliot Cohen

The Miraculous, Magical, Magnificent History Of Beer [Infographic]. Egyptians drank a gallon of beer every day. They also built the pyramids. Coincidence? Don’t think so.

How Do You Market A Breakthrough Camera Like The Lytro? Very, Very Cleverly. “The first thing you need to know about owning the newfangled Lytro camera is that it’s a lot like owning an adorable new puppy.”

14 Great Ads By The Real Mad Men, And What Drove All That Cleverness. “One way or the other, for most of the 20th-century American print advertising was a window into the way things were.”–design historian Jim Heimann

What McDonald’s And Ikea Would Look Like, If Reborn As Hipster Brands. A.K.A., put a bird on it!


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