Why Not? Insta-Table Blows Up Like An Air Mattress

Maybe it was when you ran out of counter space to hold the buckets of artichoke dip your friend brought to a dinner party. Or that time you bought a hot new Flos lamp then realized you have absolutely nowhere to put it. Whatever the reason, surely at some point in life you’ve thought, “Damn, if only I had a blow-up table.”

Thank the design gods for Philipp Beisheim! The Johannesburg-born, Frankfurt-based industrial designer has created a table base that inflates like an air mattress. Made of sturdy neoprene polyester fabric, it comes with a pump and a top and can be assembled–and disassembled–in less than a minute.

The appeal of blow-up furniture, of course, is that it can be folded into a neat little package and easily stored. That doesn’t appear to be the case here. Even when deflated, the table still looks bulky, and the pump occupies as much space as would a small table base. The Inflatable Side Table is only a prototype, mind you, so Beisheim could always streamline the design if he wanted to. Or just sell it with an inflatable closet.

Wanna buy the prototype? Send Beisheim an email.

[Images courtesy of Philipp Beisheim]