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Must Watch: Samsung Gives A Human Completely Digital Skin

Some of the craziest projection mapping you’ve ever seen creates a human digital display.

Must Watch: Samsung Gives A Human Completely Digital Skin

It’s easy to be cynical about advertising, until you realize that sometimes, advertising is just art’s slush fund. Nowhere is this more true than Samsung Portugal’s latest advertising campaign (by Excentric, projection mapper Oskar e Gaspar and video agency Droid I.D.) called Explore Your Dual World. The spot features a person transforming into living multimedia through digital projectors. Watch it. Then don’t be embarrassed to find yourself watching it again.

A model sits in a chair, covered in reflective silver paint. He closes his eyes. And then his skin becomes full color before his body changes from superhero to soldier to polygonal model to cyborg to Google Map, all through the efforts of a projector and one very creative team (oh, and the model himself, who had to sit still for up to three hours at a time). The effect probably would have been easier to create with green paint and post production software, but there’s no way it would have seemed so real.

Now there are some creepy moments–when the model’s projection smiles but the model himself is frowning a bit, he looks more like the Joker than an inspiring figure of our technological future. But I don’t know if I’ve come across any art installation that signifies our analog-gone-digital selves any better.

Actually, scratch that. This energetic (but ultimately a bit depressing) original PSP ad by TBWA Chiat\Day comes pretty darn close.

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