A Collapsible Living Room Set For Serial Movers

When I first got to New York, I moved five times in a year and a half. By the third move, I’d grown so tired of my stuff, I tossed just about everything that wasn’t on my back. Even a couch my dad bought me when I left home at 18–a couch I adored—didn’t survive. I didn’t have the patience to try to squeeze it through another too-narrow, prewar doorway.

Too bad Naty Moskovich wasn’t around then. The Israeli designer understands serial movers–the overpowering impulse to purge, the total lack of sentimentality for anything bigger than a postal stamp–and has thusly developed a set of collapsible wooden furniture for hassle-free transportation. Held together by ratchet straps, the pieces can be untied and folded up into neat little packages that practically haul themselves from one apartment to the next. The set includes a chair, a sofa, a bench, a table, and shelves–enough to furnish a living room.

The pieces can also be reassembled with other furniture parts to make the set last longer. Scratch your table top? Replace it with an old closet door. Got a splintered stool? Substitute in an old oven (really). The goal here is longevity, no matter how fleeting your living arrangement. Geez, I really should’ve saved that couch. If nothing else, I could’ve turned it into an awesome coffee table.

[Images courtesy of Naty Moskovich; h/t Notcot]