Pantone Should Absolutely Start Selling These Delicious Pantone Tarts

Ever since iconic color company Pantone announced that Tangerine Tango was the color of 2012, I’m sure that you, like me, went into your closet, grabbed about 95% of your wardrobe, covered it in the nearest available flammable liquid and watched all that runway-caliber designer clothing burn. No way I’ll be caught dead in Honeysuckle this year.

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If only Emily Guelpa’s Pantone Tarts existed in real life, we could save ourselves some of the trouble. Created for France’s Fricote magazine, they’re basically Pantone swatches with an edible twist. “Since I am a graphic designer, I am often served Pantone!,” Guelpa writes Co.Design. “I always loved those colored rectangles and I found them so beautiful to use in food.”

But while the project’s only intention is that of art, for the average person who can’t always visualize a flat color swatch mapped to real life, Pantone Tarts are actually extremely useful.

Pantone 7507 C, for instance, isn’t really what you’d call banana-colored (at least not the skin or even the flesh of the inner fruit). But it is a perfect match for that darker, murkier area right around the banana seeds. And the rest of the colors inside the banana, of course, complement Pantone 7507 C perfectly because nature quite obviously got it right.

So by starting with a Pantone and mapping it to an organic entity, Guelpa actually created usable (if ever so monochromatic) color palettes. And she also really upped the ante on the whole seasonal eating movement.

[Hat tip: trendsnow]