Extreme Craft: Marbled Eggs Are Actually Made Of 2,000 Paper Slices

Looking for a craft project this Easter that doesn’t involve making out with chicken spawn? Here’s an idea: Build your own Easter eggs out of old magazines.

That’s how British artist Julie Dodd forms these remarkably lifelike marbled-egg sculptures. First, she takes the pages of a magazine and snips out thousands of egg shapes. “For each egg I probably use two or three magazines,” she tells Co.Design. Then she glues together the pieces, working on several eggs at once so they have time to dry, and continues to build layers, one by one, until they match the thickness of a real egg. “When this is done I leave them to dry out completely,” she says. “Then I sand them until they are quite smooth and they resemble eggs and finally varnish them using my fingers to get a smooth finish.”

The whole process takes a few weeks. So if you start now, you could have something sort of, maybe, kind of resembling an egg by Easter. Hey, you might as well do something with all those unread New Yorkers.

For another creative way to reuse magazines, go here.

[Dodd also makes stunningly delicate sculptures inspired by trees. See more examples in our slideshow.]

[Images courtesy of Julie Dodd]