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Infographic of the Day

Hyperakt Redesigns The Infamous NCAA Bracket For Us!

This is the design-friendly NCAA bracket we were waiting for, reinterpreted in the round.

Hyperakt Redesigns The Infamous NCAA Bracket For Us!

Just yesterday, we lamented the bulky, legal-paper-necessitating NCAA brackets that we’ve used for years. We suggested a new model, based upon Brooklyn studio Hyperakt’s bracket for the Champions League, as a design-friendly alternative.

Click to zoom.

Then Hyperakt took things a step further, surely working through the night, enlisting every designer in the five boroughs under one common banner to make our vision (which was really their vision) of an elegant, radial NCAA bracket a reality.

They only made it to the Sweet Sixteen, but their rounded take on the otherwise jagged NCAA tournament is still every bit as glorious as we imagined it. Down with brackets. All hail the circle.