• 03.30.12

The Week That Was: “We Want To Make Facebook As Easy As Talking To People In Real Life”

Facebook talks design, Prettypegs sex up Ikea couches, and Google nudges employees to eat better (then measures the hell out of the results, of course). It’s our top stories of the week.

The Week That Was: “We Want To Make Facebook As Easy As Talking To People In Real Life”

Facebook Agrees: The Key To Its Future Success Is Design. “[We want to] make the experience of using Facebook as seamless and easy as talking to people in real life.”–Facebook’s Chris Cox

Infographic: Red Meat Is Killing Us
. But yay, vegetables!


6 Ways Google Hacks Its Cafeterias So Googlers Eat Healthier. “When employees are healthy, they’re happy. When they’re happy, they’re innovative.”–Google’s Jennifer Kurkoski

An American-Made Miracle: How An Aeron Chair Gets Built Every 17 Seconds. Thanks to techniques imported from Toyota, Herman Miller’s Aeron-chair factory has increased productivity by 500% and quality by 1,000%.

Apple’s Slick iPad Branding Hides A Broken App Infrastructure. “iPad branding isn’t actually a problem. The problem is that Apple buys into their own branding within their infrastructure.”

A Super-Fast Way To Upgrade Your Ikea Couch: Awesome Legs. At least you don’t have to assemble these.

The Main Failing Of Design School: Kids Can’t Think For Themselves. “Until educators find a way to expose their students to a meaningful range of culture, graduates will continue to speak in languages that only their classmates understand. And designers, more and more, will end up talking to themselves.”–Pentagram Partner Michael Bierut

Better Than A Van Gogh: NASA Visualizes All The World’s Ocean Currents. “NASA has rendered a picture of the ocean that’s as gorgeous as the ocean itself.”


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