Swarovski Unveils Its Blingiest Watch Yet

Every year, Swarovski, the preeminent purveyor of crystal bling, commissions artists and designers to debunk the notion that we live in austere times. And this year is no exception: At the upcoming Milan furniture fair, it will unveil a watch featuring a face composed of a ginormous 12-faceted crystal.

The timepiece, called Lake of Shimmer-Avant Time No. 3, is the work of Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka, who has collaborated with Swarovski on various past projects, including the company’s 2009 Baselworld stand, which became the basis for the bracelet of this watch. The band’s circular pattern, according to the designer, symbolizes light reflecting off a lake.

Of course, the poeticism is upstaged by the humongous, dazzling crystal, whose own reflective surface, we imagine, would make it difficult to read the time. But what does that matter? With smartphones usurping the time-keeping function, perhaps Swarovski realizes that watches have to become reduced to what they always sort of were in some circles: status showpieces.

The booth where the watch was unveiled plays off the linked segments of the band.

The watch will be available in September.BL