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New From Pop Chart Lab: Pie Charts Of Pies

The pie chart got its name honestly: It’s shaped like a pie and carved into pieces like slices. But where its namesake generally contains gooey sweetness, pie graphs are filled with chalky, boring data. Not anymore: The infographic team at Pop Chart Lab has whipped up the mother of all pie charts: pie charts of pies.

Click to zoom.
Click to zoom.

These graphs function as one would expect: Showing the proportions of ingredients (by weight) in everything from blueberry and banana cream to sweet potato and shoofly (warning: this one’s heavy on the lard). There are 13 in all—a baker’s dozen. "The hardest part," Pop Chart tells Co.Design, "might have been limiting ourselves to just 13 delicious pies."

"Pie Charts" is available here as a limited-edition 18"x24" print for $22.