• 04.05.12

Typogami: A Free Animated Typeface Inspired By Origami

Designed by Calango, the letters are also customizable.

Typogami: A Free Animated Typeface Inspired By Origami

If you like typography and origami, this should set your heart ablaze: Typogami has letters that look like they’re made from folded paper. Still not smitten? It’s customizable and animated. Designed by Calango for After Effects CS3 and up, Typogami can be tweaked in a number of ways–by adjusting the color, fold angles, where the light falls, and the intensity of the shadow.


For those who aren’t keen on animation, the Dutch studio has also created a static version–both are free for download on Facebook–consisting of three styles (the frontside, backside, and shadow) that can be layered on top of one another to form the entire alphabet. Calango also provides an Adobe Illustrator file containing all the glyphs on a single canvas.

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These letters don’t conform to the strict rules of origami purists, who insist that paper shouldn’t be cut, but we’re willing to overlook such formal transgressions for the love of creative type.

For how to use the typeface, click here.

Click here to download the animated and static versions of Typogrami.

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