The Week That Was: Self-Assembling Sand Will Rule The World

The Week That Was: Self-Assembling Sand Will Rule The World

6 Keys For Turning Your Company Into A Design Powerhouse. “While getting the best talent is an important goal, creating an environment where design can thrive should be the greater focus.”–Jeneanne Rae, CEO of Motiv Strategies.

Pair: A Social Networking App Just For Couples
. Yes, but can it passive-aggressively do the dishes?

4 Problems Google Glasses Have To Solve Before Becoming A Hit. Dear Google: Be more like Apple. Love, us.

How Facebook Finds The Best Design Talent, And Keeps Them Happy. “Both Nicholas Felton and Mike Matas got personal invitations from the main man himself, CEO Mark Zuckerberg.”

3-D Printing Is So Last Year: MIT’s “Self-Assembling Sand” Builds Objects Instantly. Behold, wonder goop!

Watch These Scientists Grow Bones Using Lego Robots. “Industrial equipment is expensive, and Lego does the job for a fraction of the price.”–Researcher Michelle Oyen. Imagine the deal they’d get on Mega Bloks!

The New Strategic Edge: Tapping Your Customers’ Personal Passions. “Social impact is fast becoming a widespread, rigorous business metric.”

The World’s Sweetest Scrabble Set Is Now A Reality. At $199, it’s expensive, but boy, what a beaut.

3 Critical Insights Into Creativity From Jonah Lehrer’s “Imagine.” Spend more time daydreaming? Done. Rainbows, unicorns, kitties. Rainbows, unicorns, kitties …SL