A Cocktail Bar That Evokes The 1960s Jet Set

Raw concrete walls are so very cool–in both senses of the word. They immediately communicate industrial chic, but they’re also devoid of warmth. For As Aperitivo, a bar in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Nika Zupanc has managed to create a seductive cocktail-lounge atmosphere that at once plays up the existing stark concrete walls and mitigates their chill, with fanciful furnishings and feminine flourishes.

The Slovenian designer’s aim was to bring an outdoor garden indoors, albeit with a Surrealist twist. Her own cherry pendants hang from metal branches above specially designed furniture inspired by ’60s-era Mediterranean hotels. Throughout the space, Zupanc contrasts dark tones with light wood: Wire-backed chairs find their complement in a wooden latticework that lines some of the walls and the wine cabinets; the pale-wood legs on bathroom sinks and mini-bar tables poke out from under black ruffled skirts.

It’s the type of space that would appeal as much to the gray-suit-clad, 40-year-old Don Draper as his new 26-year-old yé-yé-girl wife.

[Photos by Saša Hess]BL