Better Than A Tree House: A Huge Web Made From 80,000SF Of Plastic

Museums never offer visitors enough chairs for resting their feet or simply taking in an exhibit away from the mad rush of the crowds.

Twenty students at Studio 400, a fifth-year architectural design studio at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, came up with a clever solution: For a recent exhibit of their own research books, they spun 80,000 square feet of plastic sheeting into a giant white web, then suspended it from the gallery’s walls to create elaborate hammock-style seating. The web virtually traps you (as webs do), urging you to grab a book and cuddle up.

The students chose plastic sheeting because it’s flexible, strong, cheap, and easy to modify. After experimenting with various fabrication methods, they decided to weave the plastic into loose mesh panels and structural columns. Then they suspended the columns from steel rings, each 5 feet in diameter, and attached the panels in the open space between. That produced a web-like surface that both supports visitors’ weight and appears to hang magically in mid-air.

Read more about “White” here.

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