This Cabinet Combines Cubism, Graffiti, And The Transformers

Furniture, in general, could be viewed as the epitome of design. Consider the average table. It has just four legs and one surface, and it works perfectly for generations. No part is wasted, and the utility is diverse and clear.

The Percepter Cabinet (€7,999) by Tieme Rietveld revels in the unnecessarily complicated. It’s one-of-a-kind, handmade, unabashed overdesign, inspired by an unlikely source. “It all started with the AllSpark, a piece I did a while back for a client. AllSpark was based on the AllSpark artefact from the Transformers series. I’m a big Transformers fan,” Rietveld tells Co.Design. “The cabinet itself has only a few edges. The rest is the work of Codex Inferno. It kind of has an ‘impossible’ Escher feel to it. Or at least, that was our goal. We tried to blur the line between real and fake.”

Codex Inferno’s sprayed image has elements of “cubism, futurism, and graffiti artists like Daim and Delta,” and combined with Rietveld’s already unconventional cabinet, the Percepter becomes the most delightfully mindbending way to store the dishes. Without looking extremely closely, it’s impossible to know where the angular image ends and the cabinet itself begins.

And in this sense, Rietveld has truly done the impossible: He’s created a cabinet as delightfully nonsensical as the average Michael Bay film.

[Hat tip: Design Milk]MW