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The Other Player In Animated GIF App War: Cinemagram

Did we mention it’s free?

The Other Player In Animated GIF App War: Cinemagram

We’ve made no secret of our fascination with animated GIFs, especially Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck’s artsy style of "cinemagraphs." Until recently, unless you wanted to spend hours in Photoshop, you couldn’t make your own, but now there’s a bevy of apps to choose from, including Flixel, Kinotopic, and even a freebie: Cinemagram, which turns video clips into animated GIFs in a matter of seconds, no fancy computer skills required.

Cinemagram’s cofounder, Temo Chalasani, says he first came across "cines" on Tumblr early last year. "We were shocked that it took at least an hour to create one and expert-level Photoshop knowledge," he tells Co.Design. "So we decided to build an iPhone app to do it in seconds, and today people are making tens of thousands of cines a day." That’s in part because Chalasani has reduced the process to a few simple steps: (1) Film a short scene, (2) choose the region you wish to remain animated, and (3) make it look Instagram-y by applying a filter.

Unfortunately, due to memory constraints, Cinemagram can only use a snippet of the video you’ve shot, so you may end up chucking some good footage. That said, did we mention that it’s free? And you can impress all your friends with the cool GIFs you make of your cat. "What we love most about cines is that they convey emotion a lot better than photos." Fluffy agrees.

Get Cinemagram here.

[Image: Tatiana53/Shutterstock]