Carpet Made Of Real Pebbles Feels Like A Foot Massage

Plenty of carpet manufacturers sell rugs that look like pebbles. Less common? Rugs that are actually made out of pebbles.

Inspired by Eastern beliefs in nature’s calming effect on the home environment, Israeli designer Neora Zigler decided to sew big, chunky pebbles between layers of synthetic fabric to create the aptly named Pebbles Carpet. In photographs, it resembles the sort of soft, cushiony rug you could snap up at your local West Elm. Prance around on it, though, and its rock-hard composition becomes spectacularly (perhaps even painfully?) obvious. “One is forced to walk slowly,” Zigler says, “while fully concentrated and balanced.”

Zigler claims that a “calming and soothing massage experience is achieved while one walks or lays on the carpet.” Having not stepped foot on it firsthand, we can’t attest to that, but we sure like the way it sounds. We just wouldn’t recommend practicing yoga on this thing.

[Images courtesy of Neora Zigler; h/t Design Milk]SL