The Week That Was: Google+, Dominatrixes, And Starbucks In Japan

The Week That Was: Google+, Dominatrixes, And Starbucks In Japan

Want Breakthrough Ideas? First, Listen To The Freaks And Geeks. “For us, one day, it’s dominatrixes; the next, it’s obsessive compulsives, teddy-bear enthusiasts, prescription-drug addicts, or Nigerian hackers. … [They] show us how mainstream consumers will behave in a few years.”–Sense Worldwide’s Brian Millar.

The New Google+ Is More Beautiful Than Facebook (But It Doesn’t Matter). Because for better or worse, Facebook is the de facto social network of our time.

New Ferrari Museum Looks Like The Hood Of A Hot Car. The cars on display aren’t shabby, either.

An Ultra-Cool Japanese Starbucks Leaves The Seattle Vibe Far Behind. Part of Starbucks’s global business strategy to reflect cultural differences in its products and store designs.

Chicago’s El Line Could Become A Park, Just Like NYC’s High Line. Love this idea.

The Pringles Package Sucks. This Chip Can Blooms Into A Bowl. Taking notes, Pringles?

What The Tech Pundits Don’t Get About Facebook’s $1B Instagram Deal. “There are so many possibilities for how Facebook could use Instagram. It’s not hard to imagine how good it could be.”–Frog Design’s Robert Fabricant.

Infographic: Animated GIF Explains Everything About Instagram. Using Instagram photos. Meta!

LOLcats Descend On The World’s Most Famous Architecture. I can has Snomeowtta?

How GM Is Saving Cash Using Legos As A Data Viz Tool. “Legos never lie.”–Tim Herrick, global chief engineer at General Motors.SL