Poignant, Grim, Awesome: Pictures Of Nightclubs, After Everyone’s Left

Since 2009, Hamburg photographers Andre Giesemann and Daniel Schulz have been waltzing into German nightclubs just before close, as the last few sots and pie-eyed candy kids trickle out, to snap pictures of what remains. And let us tell you, it’s downright apocalyptic.

Giesemann and Schulz photographed the last night of “Rechenzentrum,” before the building, an old East Berlin communications center, was torn down.

The absence of the sweaty masses coupled with all the crap strewn on the floors–bottles, cigarette butts, mysterious liquids that may or may not be someone’s regurgitated dinner–evoke the eerily quiet aftermath of some horrific blast. (An appropriate analogy for how a lot of club-goers feel the morning after.)

Giesemann and Schulz use a 4×5-inch large format camera, and have shot the series Vom Bleiben in Frankfurt am Main, Offenbach, and, of course, Berlin, where nightlife is something approaching organized religion. “We are interested in the marks and emptiness in these kinds of rooms,” Giesemann tells Co.Design. Though the clubs aren’t always as empty as he’d like: “Sometimes it’s funny when wasted people try to be a part of our pictures.”

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[Images courtesy of Andre Giesemann and Daniel Schulz; h/t Visual News]SL