Announcing The Top 25 In Our Porsche Next Design Challenge: Part 2

The final 13 short-listed candidates are pretty impressive.

When we laid out the guidelines for our Porsche Next Challenge, we asked that entrants incorporate three elements from Porsche 911s, past and future, in their designs. Among the 428 entries, we received 428 interpretations. Some people took the literal shape and line of the 911 as their inspiration. Others took engineering principles and user experience into account. It was that openness of interpretation that made the contest interesting. We accepted them all, and gave each entry careful consideration, before compiling the short list you see here and here. That was the only way that was fair to everyone involved.


What we were looking for was nuanced and involved many qualities: We looked at beauty, functionality, originality, and “Porsche-ness” to judge each entry. Some entries in the short list you see above contained a lot of one quality, but were weaker in other areas. Others hit each category equally. The point is, there were many different ways that these Top 25 distinguished themselves from the rest of the entries.

We noticed a few trends. For one, perhaps the most quoted detail of all was the rear window of the 911, which has remained a part of its design since its very first iteration in 1963. The second most quoted detail was the headlamps. Many people wrote in to describe the first time they ever saw a Porsche, and many times it was those lamps that made a lasting impression. So perhaps it was no accident that we got a slew of flashlights and lamps. Boogie boards were also weirdly popular, as were couches, none of which quite worked out.

The Top 25 you see here aren’t winners, by any means. Their merely a short list, from which we’ll draw the Top 7 entries. And as we judge those Top 7, we’ll be giving careful thought to which entries best embodied the spirit of what we were trying to create with this competition.

One final note: We’d like to give our sincerest thanks to everyone that entered. If you’re disappointed that you were not selected for the Top 25, we feel for you. We appreciate your effort. It made the competition what it was. And we attempted to honor that hard work by giving each and every entry careful consideration. Thank for you stopping by, thank you for entering. And for everyone: We hope you enjoy all the entries. On to the next round!

Click here to see the rest of the Top 25.

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Cliff is director of product innovation at Fast Company, founding editor of Co.Design, and former design editor at both Fast Company and Wired.