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Watch The World’s First Shoppable Music Video

You can now pause music videos to directly purchase what’s on the screen. But do you want to?

Watch The World’s First Shoppable Music Video

Music videos have come a long, long way since back when The Buggles and their new wave aesthetic killed the radio star. SSENSE, a luxury retail company based out of Montreal, has recently introduced what they’re billing as the “world’s first interactive shoppable music video.” And yup, it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I Think She Ready features Diplo, FKi, and Iggy Azalea all decked out and styled in brands and items carried by the site, while WireWax technology, which enables users to tag videos in essentially the same way they would a Facebook post, makes the “interactive shoppable” part possible.

After pressing play, navigating the video is an exercise in trackpad (or mouse) adeptness. Certain ensembles are tagged with text boxes that appear alerting–or imploring–you to “Shop This Look.” Clicking one will stop the song for a pop-up showing a grid of clothes and accessories featured in the shot. Choosing to view an item–which range from black Rick Owens sneakers for $1,175 to a $675 dress by Helmut Lang–opens up an entirely new window. Closing the pop-up will take you back to the music, but by that point it’s tough to get into the tune. If you click to “Shop This Look” but miss that text box, it’s just like pressing pause. Phew.

The stop-and-start nature of the experience make it a bit off-putting in terms of listening to a track while browsing for buys. But showing cool, attractive folks making clothes look cool and attractive is a tried-and-true approach to selling, and WireWax definitely offers a dynamic way to further blur the lines between art and ad. So have a look and see if you find yourself reaching for your wallet, the mute button, or the little X at the top of the browser tab.


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