Fuseproject Designs A Soda Maker Worthy Of Jony Ive

Yves Béhar’s prolific industrial design studio Fuseproject has dropped its latest sparkler: a new soda maker from the Israeli home-carbonation company Sodastream called Source.

Source is a minimalist, fizzy-drink fiend’s fantasy. “The design of Source was a process of elimination,” Béhar says in a prepared statement. Gone are the excess buttons and odd, Stormtrooper styling that characterize a lot of today’s soda machines. Instead, Source practically disappears on your kitchen counter, with a pod-like bottle suspended from a soft-edged white frame that would do Jony Ive proud.

More than just a streamlined look, the machine also features improved functionality. A single-handed push locks the bottle in place so you don’t have to screw it on. To activate the carbonation mechanism, plunk your fingers on the top of the machine; the entire surface responds to touch. Backlit LED icons in the shape of little bubbles indicate different levels of carbonation: The more bubbles, the more carbonation.

Ultimately, the elegance of Fuseproject’s design is conceived to make it easier for sparking-water aficionados to eschew disposable bottles. “Disposable water bottles are going away, and so they should,” Béhar says. “Now is the time to rethink our sparkling water and our soda bottles as well. What Sodastream does with technology is reduce the complexity around bubbly water and provide a considered everyday convenience. Creating a simple and beautiful object for the kitchen while keeping 21st century values is what we set out to do.”

[Images courtesy of Fuseproject]SL