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A New Welcome Sign Memorializes The Famed, Demolished Orange Bowl

Snarkitecture takes their playful work out to the ball game.

A New Welcome Sign Memorializes The Famed, Demolished Orange Bowl

The boys of summer are back. Recent opening-day events across the country welcomed baseball’s biggest fans into their city’s ballparks for yet another season, and Miami’s new Marlins stadium had a little something extra to offer in the form of an eye-catching art installation among the palm trees. Snarkitecture, a Brooklyn-based collaborative practice known for their playful take on traditional forms, applied their fresh sensibility to a bit of clever, large-scale wordplay that alludes to the location’s history.

Ten-foot-high concrete letters covered in crisp white and orange reference the site’s previous incarnation as football’s hub, the Miami Orange Bowl, while the title of the work, "A Memorial Bowing," is an anagram of its iconic original sign. The letters are scattered around the east plaza and either descend into or emerge from the grounds, depending on your perspective. The installation complements the stadium itself as a recent, ultra-modern addition to the sport; Populous completed the immense project earlier this year, and features like a fully retractable glass roof ensure that rain- or weather-related delays will never keep the Marlins from playing.