Blast: A Stool Made Using TNT Explosions

The designer’s goal: To manipulate “energy that is naturally used to harm and destroy.”

Most of the furnishings we feature here display an exacting attention to form, with every detail predetermined and nothing left to chance. That’s not true of Guy Mishaly’s Blast stools, whose final shapes are determined by the force of TNT explosions.


“The starting point to this project was how to navigate energy, creating by manipulating energy that is naturally used to harm and destroy,” the Israeli designer, a recent Bezalel grad, explains. “Another goal was to invent a system that in the same way of use will always provide different results.” Mishaly starts by building basic boxes and cylinders from welded sheet metal. He then rigs them up to electric cables filled with explosives, pushes a button, and watches the metal rip and fold under the strength of the blast, transforming a generic object into one with a unique character. No material is lost in the process, Mishaly says–the weight of the box before and after the explosion remains constant–and the resulting stools are just as functional and strong: “We can both stand on them,” he assures me.

The stools, available for sale directly through the designer, are on view this week at Ventura Lambrate during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.

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Belinda Lanks is the editorial director of Co.Design. Before joining, she was the managing editor of Metropolis.