Dick Clark’s Other Legacy: A Crazy Caveman House

Dick Clark died yesterday. Most will remember him for American Bandstand, presiding over the ball drop, and his relentlessly sculptural helmet hair. Here at Co.Design, we will remember him for something else: his patronage of regional architecture.

The region? Bedrock.

Clark was the proud owner of this cavernous refuge in Malibu, Calif., which, with its hunkering profile and free-form walls, could’ve come straight out of an episode of The Flintstones. Perched on some 23 acres atop a mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the house even had the faux-Stone Age furniture to match: rough-hewn chairs with rawhide-style seat backs around a table that looks like an ice floe and kitchen fixtures that may or may not have been carved from a huge slab of sedimentary rock.

The one-bedroom house went on the market earlier this year for $3.5 million. (For a one bedroom!? Criminal!) It’s still available, according to the broker’s website, though with news of Clark’s death, I doubt that’ll last. Here’s hoping whoever snaps it up likes how his records sound under a bird beak.