The Week That Was: Shoppable Music Videos, A Coca-Cola Beatbox, And Big Data Love

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The Week That Was: Shoppable Music Videos, A Coca-Cola Beatbox, And Big Data Love

Watch The World’s First Shoppable Music Video. Does this make you want to buy a $675 Helmut Lang dress? Or just hit the mute button?


Kickstarter Advice From The Guy Whose E-Paper Watch Raised $7.1M. “If your friends like what you’re doing so much that they want to talk about it with their friends, then you’re probably doing something right.”–Eric Migicovsky.

How Companies Like Amazon Use Big Data To Make You Love Them. “Not only does smart data use empower you to treat customers as individuals, it does so without invoking many of the fixed expenses associated with improved service.” –Ziba creative director Sean Madden.

Camera Describes Pictures Instead Of Taking Them, Using Crowdsourcing. “Looks like a cupboard that is ugly and old. having some plates on it with a lamp attached to it.” Uh, thanks?

How Do You Create A Culture Of Innovation? Scott Anthony, a managing director at the innovation consulting firm Innosight, offers a step-by-step guide to building innovation into your company’s DNA.

3 Tips For Selling A Geeky Idea To Everyone. Make it physical, expose a process, add some magic, and voila: Even something as mind-numbingly boring as open-source app development sounds compelling. Really!

A Paintbrush That Works On The iPad. “Sensu is designed to feel like a real brush while convincing your device that it’s actually a finger.”–Artist Hardware.


Coca-Cola Creates A Beatbox The Size Of A Building For The London Olympics. Enjoy.

What The 3 Stages Of Love Teach You About Crafting Great Services. “When you design for love, you have to design for the heart, for an emotional connection, rather than merely for the mind. And when you appeal to the heart, you can usually create more value.”–Olof Schybergson.

Watch This Ingenious UI Idea, For Dragging Files From Your Phone To Computer. Jennifer Franco, one of our commenters, sums it up best: “THIS IS JUST PLAIN AWESOME.”

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