When The World Ends In 2012, What Will Your Last Words Be?

In case the world ends in 2012, this endearing Kickstarter project wants to record our last messages.

If the Mayans are right (note: they weren’t) and the world ends in 2012 (note: it won’t), nothing we’ve written or recorded in history–not even the endless array of Discovery Channel specials on the world ending in 2012–will matter. We’ll be gone. Our records will be gone. And the pale blue dot on which all of humanity anchors will be erased from the stellar sky.


But maybe there’s a bigger tragedy, that in the face of our species’ annihilation, that our collective last words will be nothing more than “oh f#&@!”

Peter Dean has a different plan. His Kickstarter-backed project, Love Letters to the End, asks, “If the world were going to end this year, what would you say to it?” The premise is sort of like PostSecret without epiphanies about sober lifestyles or how great siblings look in a bathing suit. Using 2012 as a peg, Dean just wants to see people share more about their lives while they’re living ’em. “While we don’t believe in the doomsday prophecies, they provide a great reason to share stories, whether they be joyous or melancholy,” Dean tells Co.Design.

Anyone can submit stories, videos, or pieces of art that contribute to the theme, which will all be part of a blog and larger collaborative video series. “Ideally, each person would recount a specific story that they want to share as if they were at a memorial for the world,” Dean explains, noting that he’s receiving about five submissions a week but would prefer much wider participation.

And who can blame him? Because as the fireballs rain down from the sky, casting an eerie rainbow as their embers refract through the Kelly green acid rain, the last thing any of us will have time to do is invest in artistic diversions. Unless your Kickstarter campaign is labeled “A Spaceship For Humanity” or “Coconut-Scented, Locust-Repellent Candles,” my final investments will be in a case of whiskey, 10lbs of prime aged beef, and the fastest motorcycle I can get my hands on. Which I guess that means my first pair of leather pants may be involved in there somewhere, too.

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