• 05.22.12

A Collapsible Water Bottle That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

This 22-ounce vessel collapses into a smaller package with every sip you take.

One of the biggest challenges of long-distance running is staying hydrated–well, that and the whole long-distance running thing. Unless you live in a miraculously runner-friendly place, with water fountains around every turn, you have to either carry a water bottle in your hand (bulky and annoying) or attached to one of those fanny pack-style belts (bulky, annoying, and geeky).


Here’s an alternative: the Bübi Bottle, a 22-ounce vessel that collapses into a smaller package with every sip you take. When the bottle is empty or nearly empty, it rolls up into a ball about the size of your fist so you don’t have to grind through the last couple miles of your run with an awkward, sloshing object in hand. A ring slips over the ball to lock it into place.

Bübi comes in nine electric colors and costs $29.99. That’s pricey for a water bottle, especially when you can buy something similar for less than half as much. The portable, reusable 16-ounce Vapur bottle is every bit as scrunchable, if not more so–you can fold it, roll it, and flatten it, and it doesn’t require any sort of locking mechanism. The main difference is the material. Whereas Vapur is made of flimsy BPA-free plastic–one customer compares it to drinking out of a plastic bag–Bübi is molded from (also BPA-free) silicone, which is sturdier and used in everything nowadays, from cupcake liners to baby bottles. Is it worth the extra $18? Guess it depends on how much of that water you want to end up in your mouth.

[Images courtesy of Bübi Bottle]

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