A Dynamic Data Viz Of Bike Use In A 24-Hour Period

Prolific bike blogger BikeSnobNYC once joked that there’s a positive correlation between bike commuting and infographics about bike commuting. His theory seems pretty watertight: commuting in New York has doubled over the past four years, and subjectively, it seems like there’s a new data visualization about it every day.

Now Budapest, another city with a fast-growing commuter community, has its own real-time bike visualization. Developed by Kitchen Budapest (“a spicy innovation lab”), the script deforms a map of the city according to its most heavily used bike routes. Over the course of 24 hours, Budapest distorts into bubbles of activity that grow larger during rush hour and change direction as people come to and from outer ring neighborhoods.

The visualization grew out of a subjective mapping project called SubMap, which distorts a map of Hungary according to the headlines of the country’s biggest news site. This new version of SubMap is based on data taken from an app called UrbanCyclr, which tracks the location of users’ smartphones. Kitchen estimates that the visualization maps about 62,000 miles of user data. If you’re hanging around in Budapest, you can download the app and add your routes to their database.

[h/t The Creators Project]