Vote Now For Your Favorite, In Our Porsche Next Design Challenge

Maybe you heard, but a couple months ago we announced a contest that asked all comers to design an object inspired by the Porsche 911. We left almost everything up to the imaginations of the entrants–the only thing we really specified was that the designs had to be bigger than a purse and smaller than a living room. And we also left it up to entrants to figure out what details of the 911 they wanted to highlight.

As a result, we got all kinds of amazing stuff, ranging from an ice yacht to a hairdryer to a micro house. Then, we winnowed the 430 entries into a Top 25. Then we winnowed those into a Top 7. And then we asked our judges to deliver feedback on each one of those finalists. Before the final judging begins, we allowed entrants to tweak their work, based on those critiques. Here they are and now that they’re done, we’re welcoming you to vote on your favorite, via the module you see on the right.

Junggi Sung’s hair dryer, which now sports an on/off switch and a refined interface.
Andy Logan created a new version of his Ski Helmet.

Most all of the changes you’ll see in the Top 7 entries were minor, but usually they had to do with details that would fully realize the ideas which were already there in spades. How would something turn on? Could that detail be refined? You can see a rundown of how each of the entries changed in the slideshow above. Thank you again to everyone that entered, and a special thanks to all of the Top 7, who labored mightily. Soon we’ll reveal the judge’s pick for the best design, and the people’s choice pick as well. Stay tuned.