• 05.15.12

Kickstarting: The CapsulePen Makes Pill Popping Easier And Less Embarrassing

Because no one wants a Cialis bottle falling out of their pocket…or do they?

Kickstarting: The CapsulePen Makes Pill Popping Easier And Less Embarrassing

There is absolutely nothing wrong with those pillboxes that split your medication by day of the week. Preload it once in your spare time, and you’re all set with whatever prescription regimen you’re on for the immediate future. Well, except for one thing: They’re surrounded by stigma, as if they’re made only for old people. And sure, while we’re all getting older, no one wants to feel like they’re getting older. Could we make the traditional pillbox smaller and sleeker, like some hot new gadget?


The CapsulePen is a new Kickstarter project that aims to make pill popping a more urban, on-the-go activity–like a medication system for the young professional. It’s a set of pen-like plastic tubes, each of which holds up to seven pills. Fill one for a daily medication to last you all week, or fill a set of seven (labeled by day on the sleek pivoting cap) to manage up to 49 pills.

And their neatest trick? CapsulePens are magnetic, meaning they can stick to your fridge, waiting for you to grab one on your way to work.

In their current form, CapsulePens are a pretty great idea, encompassing an understated form factor that fits in a purse or pocket. But I’d like to see the idea go even further. For one, why not color-code the capsules? As of now, the CapsulePen is being offered in a set of black or a set of blue. Instead, they should come in every color of the rainbow, progressing through the week in a natural chromatic shift. That way, you could distinguish Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday as easily as blue to green to yellow.

It’d also be wonderful to see a major pharmacy adopt a similar bottle, automixing all of my weekly prescriptions into these daily packs. Because these bottles can only eliminate potential for patient error if the patient’s errors are taken out of the equation.

As of now, the CapsulePen has only raised about 30% of its $15,000 production goal. It will be interesting to see how, now that Kickstarter is all grown up, these important but ever so less sexy products do in their fundraising. Because while I have no need for a CapsulePen today, I sure hope that they’re on the market when I’m taking a lot of meds tomorrow (but no, I still don’t really want to order a set today).

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