App Leads You To The Perfect Spots For Urban Sunbathing

Why didn’t Ray-Ban think of that?!

App Leads You To The Perfect Spots For Urban Sunbathing

A team of Swedish design students has done a better job marketing Ray-Ban than Ray-Ban. Bright Light is an award-winning concept for an app that would help city folk pick out the best spots for urban sunbathing. It’s the invention of Evarickardmichal, three students at Berg School of Communication in Stockholm, who imagined the app increasing sociality amongst fans of the sunglasses giant: “Come join the sun, instead of searching for it!”

The trio developed an algorithm that takes GPS and GIS data and identifies the sunniest nearby locations based on building height, season, and sun path. Users choose a destination according to nearby amenities and public spaces, and a Google map leads them to their chosen spot.

Barring any comments about “hipsters these days,” Bright Light is a nice little study in brand engagement. It’s also totally theoretical, being a student project and all. Although, other apps have already explored this territory: for example, here’s another student app concept from 2011 called Coppertone Sunsight. Looks like it’s inevitable that a sun-spotting app will eventually find its way to market.

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