• 05.24.12

Why Not? A Shop Made Out Of 25,000 Lunch Bags

Owen, an upscale NYC clothing boutique, turns the humble brown paper lunch bag into improbably chic decor.

Chances are you’ve never considered the decorative potential of the humble brown paper bag, unless you make your own wrapping paper or count low-budget puppeteering among your hobbies.


And that’s why Jeremy Barbour is a designer and you’re… writing “happy birthday” on yesterday’s lunch sack. Barbour, of the Brooklyn studio TACKLEBOX Architecture, recently covered an upscale NYC clothing boutique in 25,000 brown paper lunch bags. Packed side-by-side and stapled to substrate on the ceiling and a wall, the bags make the shop look like the inside of a honey bee’s home. Pretty cool, right? Also: convenient. When customers see the price of a shirt here, they’ll have plenty of paper bags to breathe into.

[Images by Juliana Sohn for Owen]

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Suzanne LaBarre is the editor of Co.Design. Previously, she was the online content director of Popular Science and has written for the New York Times, the New York Observer, Newsday, I.D.