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A Table-Bed Combo Perfect For Singles In The City

Matali Crasset’s multifunctional piece of furniture makes it easy to eat and sleep alone.

A Table-Bed Combo Perfect For Singles In The City

Not so long ago, young women pinned their hopes on getting married and forming a nuclear family. But recent statistics–and a bevy of essays championing singlehood–point to a different reality: More and more people are opting to live alone. Every year, the number of singles grows, as financially independent women refuse to compromise when choosing partners and well-to-do men realize they needn’t get hitched to procreate (at least, that’s my reductive take on it).

So will all this have an impact on furniture design? Looking at Matali Crasset’s new table-bed combo for Campeggi, that doesn’t seem like an outlandish question. The keenest designers know how to tap into (and sometimes even shape) burgeoning lifestyle trends, and we’re guessing that the growing number of singles may have informed the French designer’s Sweet Talk and Dream–a tiny TV table surrounded by foam-cushion seating that can unfold into a bed for one. So now you can eat dinner while comfortably watching “The Modern Family,” before stretching out and taking a snooze. Hey, you can leave the dirty dishes and brush your teeth in the morning. Who’s going to nag you?

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