A Mirror That Plays Simple But Awesome Optical Tricks

For those who attend them, furniture fairs and “design weeks” are full of parties and relaxed lunches. But for those who exhibit at them–especially young designers–they can be fairly nerve-wracking. “Seeing our projects in Milan, London, Stockholm or Paris gives us goosepimples,” write Spanish design team MUT Design.

The young office of four debuted a number of pieces at the Milan Furniture Fair in April. Among the new work, which included a hanging chair and these Koi fish tiles, was Zig Zag, a faceted mirror that reflects distortions and optical illusions.

ZIg Zag is actually more of a modular system than a piece of furniture. Each mirror is a series of octogonal aluminum extrusions, faced on one side with a strip of mirror. The extrusions are airbrushed in rusty oranges and muted blues, forming lovely gradients of colors “inspired by the favorite landscapes of the team.” Then they’re soldered together at varying widths and oblique angles, creating reflections that fracture and displace the user.

Like the fun Spanish cousin of a Donald Judd piece, Zig Zag invokes abstract expressionism with a big dose of play. MUT, for their part, say the mirrors are about human interaction: “They’re faithful to the promise of creating designs whose final results depend on the participation of the user.”

Read more on MUT’s website here.KCD