The Week That Was: Our Porsche Challenge Winner, Universal Typography, And A Reinvented Clothes Hanger

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The Week That Was: Our Porsche Challenge Winner, Universal Typography, And A Reinvented Clothes Hanger

And Now, At Last, The Winner In Our Porsche 911 Challenge Is… A hair dryer that roars like the 911? Yes, please!


3 Ways To Design Toys That Boost Kids’ Creativity. “Creativity is no longer just a “nice-to-have”; it’s a critical tool for economic survival at a time when rote tasks can be performed by anyone anywhere and information is just a click away.”–Andy Russell, cofounder of Launchpad Toys.

Infographic: Here’s Why Designing Android Apps Is So Hard. Let’s see here, we have the Concorde Tab, the Lemon P1, the Energy Tablet i724, the EBEST E68, the MASTONE W18, and oh, about 3,995 other devices.

Yahoo Announces Axis, A New Visual Paradigm In Web Search UI. “We’re focusing on the front end. And in the last few years, the search experience hasn’t evolved much at all. But search is no longer a destination.”–Ethan Batraski, Yahoo’s director of product.

Reinvented Clothes Hanger Won’t Ruin Your Necklines. Finally!

Is This The First Logo Based On Touch-Screen Gestures? “There’s no reason branding needs to be a word when it can now be a gesture, or an icon when it can be a filter or glitch.”

Nokia Releases A Font Designed To Work In Any Language. “The design has to work in UI environments [which] [/which] meant that we needed to ensure that character shapes and proportions were kept open. In the design of this font we followed the mantra that a font is here to help a reader processing content, not to draw attention to itself.”–Bruno Maag, of Dalton Maag, the studio that designed the new font Nokia Pure.


To Get To The Root Of A Hard Problem, Just Ask “Why” Five Times. “At the root of every seemingly technical problem is a human problem.”–Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup.

A Mind-Blowing UI That Could Finally Make Group Work Intuitive. T(ether) combines “magic-window” augmented reality interfaces, Minority Report-style gestural interfaces, and computer-based collaborative display interfaces. And it is awesome.

Infographic: How Weather Tweets Compare To Real Weather Data. Cloudily.

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