Lamps Made From Coffee Grounds Smell Like Fresh Java

These mug-shaped fixtures are perfect for the cafe aficionado in your life.

Some folks just can’t get out of bed until the scent of freshly brewed java comes wafting in from the kitchen, but Raúl Laurí’s Decafe fixtures achieve the same aromatic effect on their own, with or without the flip of a switch. The Spanish designer experimented for two years with various culinary techniques to perfect Decafe’s composite biodegradable material, a unique combination of coffee grounds and natural glue.

Efficient, low-temperature LEDs are used for illumination and emit just enough heat to intensify the smell, which is “one of the strongest characteristics of the project,” Laurí tells Co.Design. The pendants function with a standard power supply, but developing the intelligent electronics that operate the table models was a family affair; Laurí’s brother, David, created the exclusive system himself, which is integrated inside each individual unit. “The light intensity changes depending on the tilt of the base, and it turns off in the upside-down position; this allows the user to interact with the lamp. The battery is long-life and quick charging,” he explains, and the pieces can easily withstand up to 100 degrees. The clever mug-like shape is achieved with a custom mold.

Laurí’s debut collection took home first prize at last month’s Salone Satellite exhibition in Milan, where young talent has the chance to display their work in a dedicated space at the fairgrounds. Though he doesn’t have a manufacturer, he plans to start a new company to produce the line, and sees potential beyond this series. “The material offers a lot of possibilities and, consequently, I am going to design different kinds of products: jewelry, fashion accessories, and tiling, among others.”