• 05.31.12

iPhone App Tries To Make You Feel The Weather, Via Color

Brisk is a novel attempt at radically simplifying the weather apps that litter our phones.

iPhone App Tries To Make You Feel The Weather, Via Color

Both iOS and Android have weather widgets built right in, but weather apps have carved out a huge chunk of the app market all the same. So what’s missing in core weather apps? Detailed forecasts? Probably. But what about something a touch more visceral?


Brisk, by TwoSolid, is an iPhone app with simple style. On one hand, it’s a no-frills experience. The weather is conveyed in temperature and icon–the classic cloud with a thunderbolt idea we see everywhere. There’s no hour-by-hour projection. There’s no weather map. You can flick right to see tomorrow’s weather, flick down to change your location, or flick up to tweak the settings. That’s pretty much it.

But on the other hand, Brisk cuts through the excess to focus on the core, answering the question “what is the weather like at this very moment?” “I was just tired of weather apps where you need to read the temperature or see overwhelming graphics plus do additional actions to figure out what is happening to the weather,” designer Eddie Lobanovskiy tells Co.Design. “Brisk let’s you figure out what the weather feels like right now by using appropriate color tone.”

Brisk’s UI features a warm-to-cool color gradient that’s more than just pretty. If it’s warm outside, the temperature appears in the warm part of the image (and the screen becomes more orange). If it’s cold outside, the temperature drops to the cool part of the image (and the screen becomes more blue). Oddly enough, though, these colors can be remapped. So if your interpretation of warm is different than everyone else’s, then you can enjoy blue 80-degree days. I can’t help but feel this is a bit too accommodating to the hypothetical consumer. There’s a reason that we call orange a “warm” color–it’s the color of fire and the sun–while “cool” blues are naturally tied to water and frost. That phenomenon isn’t something that TwoSolid should feel the need to offer options around; it drives the entire value of their app’s perspective.

All the same, Brisk seems worth checking out when it’s available in the coming weeks. You can sign up on their page if you’d like to be notified of its release.

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