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Fitness Furniture: A Couch Made For Crunches (And Chilling Out)

Uh, finally?

Fitness Furniture: A Couch Made For Crunches (And Chilling Out)

The home exercise industry is built on indulging people’s laziest instincts–get a six-pack in just 2 seconds a day and never leave home!–which is why it’s pretty shocking that the Bowflex and Nordic Track makers of the world didn’t think of Panorama first: It’s a living room set that doubles as fitness gear.

That’s right. Panorama lets you work out without ever getting off the couch. Designed by three students at L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique in France, it’s conceived as a carpet with built-in backrests that can replace both standard living-room furniture, such as chairs and sofas, in addition to clunky exercise equipment. The backrests are designed to accommodate home accessories, such as lamps, file cabinets, and tables. One of them can also be used for situps, and has an adjustable height for increased resistance. There is additionally, a “lateral element, which is harder, [and] allows [one] to practice many different fitness exercises, like push-ups or strengthening,” the designers say.

Sounds like you can get a really good, sweaty workout using this thing. Here’s hoping the carpet is easy to clean.

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