Eat Like A Bird, In This Treehouse Restaurant

When you think of Yellow Pages, you think of … a treehouse restaurant? Uh, no. But maybe you will now. As part of a marketing blitz for Yellow Pages, Colenso BBDO tapped Auckland-based Pacific Environments Architects to design a whimsical, pod-shaped restaurant some 33 feet up a redwood tree in a forest north of Auckland.

You’re probably wondering what a treehouse (or a restaurant) has to do with Yellow Pages. Per the press release: “The advertising campaign set out to surprise people and help them see Yellow in a different light.” So … nothing. Who cares?! It’s a treehouse! There is something inexplicably appealing about doing adult things–eating canapés, ordering obscenely expensive bottles of wine–in the sort of place we all fantasized about as kids.

And Pacific Environments’ design really plays up the magic. With wooden slats curving around the tree’s 5.5-foot-thick trunk, the treehouse resembles an open bird cage suspended mysteriously in the forest canopy. An aerial walkway leading inconspicuously to the entrance exaggerates that illusion (and obviates the need to climb precarious ladder steps to get to your table). Steel collars and pins run through the trunk and hold the structure in place.

The treehouse was open to the public for just a month in 2009 and reopened recently (under new, non-Yellow Pages management) as a boutique venue for weddings and other private functions. I know where I’m holding my next birthday party.

[Images courtesy of Pacific Environments Architects; h/t Notcot]