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A Dentist's Office Cleaner Than Your Own Pearly Whites

A slick spot in Spain to get your teeth checked out.

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Even routine teeth cleanings can put the bravest souls on edge (I blame Steve Martin). Would the anxiety of a trip to the dentist be allayed if it took place in a location like something out of a modernist’s daydream, all bentwood and crisp white finishes with natural light flooding in to illuminate even the most intimidating procedures? Two floors up in a standard office building in Málaga, Spain, Estudio Arquitectura Hago created a truly slick yet soothing dental studio that seems to perfectly catered to root canal-seeking design-types.

The floor-plan actually "duplicates the surface of the old layout," Estudio Hago cofounder Emilio Delgado Martos tells Co.Design, with the addition of "an annexed premise." This central case of translucent glass houses the labs, where first-time clients can receive a more private visit, and also cleverly separates the waiting room from the medical area while still allowing for a natural flow of professionals and patients in and around the office. The firm paid special attention to maintaining this open plan, which extends through the row of reclining dental chairs separated not by walls, but by panes (they installed a "specific acoustic ceiling" to absorb noise, be it chatter or the buzz of a drill). "An open air design provides a space where there are no secrets—where clearness are the essence," Martos says. And while a clear sight of your numbed and novocained post-cavity face might not be ideal, the über-cool surroundings will certainly class up the situation.