Bedrock Chic: Fendi Creates Furniture From Humble Animal Waste

Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin of the folksy Dutch design studio Formafantasma have fashioned elegant furniture, kitchen tools, and other housewares out of animal waste. What does that mean? Well, it means you can hack up some raw meat with a knife made of cow bone, while you get comfy on a stool covered in salmon skin (complete with a sponge for a cushion), and take swigs from a cow bladder water bottle. It’s as if the Flintstones had gone high design.

Craftica got underway after Fendi tapped Formafantasma to recycle leather from the Italian fashion house’s cutting-room floor into a “new body of work exploring leathercraft” for an art installation during Design Miami/Basel.

Fendi has been inviting designers to reuse its leather scraps, as part of an unconventional marketing campaign, since 2009. But Trimarchi and Farresin had a unique take: They decided to pair Fendi’s lush leathers with decidedly unsophisticated materials–fish skins discarded from the food industry, cork leather, boar fur, bladders, and other animal refuse–to create objects that call up our caveman past and, more pointedly, suggest that leather was once more than just a luxury good. “Leather as a material has the ability to evoke almost ancestral memories of when nature was hunted to produce food, tools and protection for the body,” they say. “Searching underneath and above the sea, from the vegetal to the animal world, the installation offers a holistic view on leather as a material.”

Craftica goes on view today at Hall 5 in Basel. More info here.

[Images courtesy of Formafantasma]SL