A Prismatic Table That Marks Time’s Passing

Unless you don’t mind being described with the word “whimsical,” it’s tough to find a tasteful way to integrate crystals into a design scheme (unless you’re Bauhaus hero Bruno Taut, of course). Korean/Swedish designer Luna Seo has successfully beaten that stereotype with That Piece of Time, a debut collection the designer unveiled last week in Berlin.

That Piece Of Time is a solid walnut coffee table that’s been split down the center with a band saw. Raised on legs of two different heights, the offset pieces create a three-inch gap, which Seo has plugged with a three-sided piece of glass. The prism refracts light into rainbows that transform the floor below the table into a temporary color field. As the lighting conditions in a room change, shards of color appear and disappear – an effect that Seo likens to the passage of time.

“It is a collaborative work with the sun,” she writes, “since the circulation of the sun is the actual body of time.” In fact, Seo describes the piece as a kind of ad-hoc sundial. Though it’s not calibrated to any particular system of measurement, she explains, “the prism is a medium that visualizes pieces of time.” In an accompanying piece, Seo raises a simple crystal vase on a six-foot steel rod – another “collaboration with the sun,” she says.

Seo designed the table and vase as a student at University of Konstfack. But the pieces generated such buzz at the school’s student show that they made it into DMY Berlin, and now, Seo’s been asked to show them at London Design Week in September.

Check out more of Seo’s work on her website.KCD