Here’s What A High-Design, $7 Nail Looks Like

Valerie Gnaedig and Annie Lenon of The Winsome Brave, a Brooklyn design studio, have created a collection of nails, wall brackets, and drawer pulls that look more like something you’d find behind the display case at Barney’s than on the shelves of Home Depot. Made of solid bronze, they have slim profiles and come in modish geometric shapes. Hammer one of those triangle-headed nails into the wall, and you won’t need the art to hang on it.

Gnaedig and Lenon originally designed the hardware for a show at the American Design Club last year. “We wanted to make something that was functional and also beautiful,” Gnaedig tells Co.Design. “We decided on triangular hardware because we wanted to work with metals in a delicate format, and we both have a serious triangle thing.”

First came the brackets and drawer pulls, then the nails, which have been the designers’ big sellers. “All of a sudden it hit us: Oh my god, we’ve never seen anything but round nails. Why?” Gnaedig says. “It was like stumbling on a little secret, and we had no choice then and there but to make awesome, nice-to-look-at nails.”

The nails cost $28 for a set of four. (!) The other hardware will be available next year.

[Images courtesy of The Winsome Brave; h/t Coolhunting]SL