A Table That Changes To Suit Any Of Your Neurotic Whims

Think back to your college library. Remember that one spot where the conditions for work were just right? The light was bright but not too bright. There was sufficient coverage from lurking socializers. Perhaps most importantly, it was far enough away from other people. It sounds neurotic, but like a star pitcher who thinks his success is dependent on a lucky charm, academics can be very particular about their workspaces.

You may no longer work in a crusty library, but odds are you still have a pretty specific setup in your office. That’s why Spanish designer Tomás Alonso’s new Offset Table makes so much sense. The table is built to host a set of accessories–like different lamps and dividers–that can be arranged by the user. The simple wooden work surface is divided by a thin gap where the pieces plug-in to create customized workspaces, which Alonso calls “microsystems.” The table can accommodate any number of wacky set-ups, and it can be easily changed according to the needs of an office as they change over the course of a day. Individual workstations in the morning, for example, followed by lunch, and a group conference in the afternoon.

“Nowadays, living spaces tend to be smaller and we move a lot more often than previous generations,” Alonso says on his website. “We need furniture that is flexible and can adjust to these new situations, objects that work in different spaces and in different ways for each person that uses them.”

Offset Table will be manufactured by Maxdesign, who unveiled it in April at Salone del Mobile.