How Just 3 Vaccines Can Save Us $63 Billion [Infographic]

Vaccines don’t just save lives. They save money.

How Just 3 Vaccines Can Save Us $63 Billion [Infographic]

Vaccines are pretty incredible, when you think about it. We take some of the most terrifying forces on the planet, contain them, rework them and reproduce them. Then we team up with our greatest enemies at the biological level–welcoming their toxins and proteins into our bodies–to train counterterrorism squads that will patrol our veins.

This infographic, designed by Hyperakt for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, reveals another reason that vaccines are awesome: They save us tons of money. In fact, just three vaccines–HIB, Pneumococcal and Rotavirus–delivered to the 73 poorest countries in the world could save us $63 billion over the next decade.

Aside from all of the visual plays at work, maybe the most brilliant part of the graphic is its branding. Hyperakt has reskinned the vaccine itself, from an eerie microscope shot, to pure flower power positivity. Take a look at the $63 billion figure itself: Not only does each vaccine’s density correspond with its financial savings, but they do so while blooming like flowers and bursting like sunshine. It’s editorial voice at the icon level.

And actually, the longer I look at Hyperakt’s glowing vaccines, the more I’m reminded of BP’s own iconographic coup, shifting from a shield (a metaphorically defensive posture if I’ve ever seen one) to a green starburst logo (conveying a brilliantly nonspecific hope for green energy). I guess, when in doubt, make it sparkle.

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